Terms of Use
The browsing and use of the Tullik PaperArt website and its store (hereinafter the 'Company' or the 'Website') is subject to compliance with the terms of use set out below:

Consent to the Terms of Use
1.1. The use of the website and its contents, including the use of the website through various end devices and reading information, messages or advertisements published on it, indicates the user's consent and approval to the said terms of use as updated by the company from time to time. The use of the website is conditional on the user reading these terms carefully and carefully before using the website, and will comply with the terms and limitations specified in this agreement.


1.2. This Agreement shall be binding and will work for the benefit of the parties, their representatives, their heirs and any other authorized representative thereof.


1.3. This agreement constitutes the exclusive legal basis for any legal dispute regarding the use of the site between the user and the site or its proxy. The use of the website indicates that the user has read, understood and fully agreed to all of the following terms.

The essence of the site
2.1 “Tullik PaperArt” is a personal website that contains posts and works related to gifts, works of art by Meytal Ofer, works and original content. The store is an online store where you can buy custom gifts.


Use of the site
3.1 The user does not purchase and does not receive any rights in the site and / or the copyright and / or other rights inherent in and / or related to it, except the right to use it as specified in this agreement, and he may not make any use of the site, its applications, and information And personal in accordance with the terms of use, and may not require that the content be published or continue to be published.


3.2 The use of the website is authorized for private purposes only and it is prohibited to use any information that appears on it for commercial purposes that have not been approved in advance and in writing by the company.


Website availability
4.1. The site does not guarantee that the use of the site will not be interrupted and will be possible without interruption. The user agrees that the site will not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the user as a result.


Prohibited uses
5.1. The user agrees not to make any use of the site illegally as well as any use that is contrary to the terms of use, including use that may lead to damage or disabling of the site or damage to the user experience of other users of the site. The user also agrees not to obtain or attempt to obtain information or material contained on the site by any means other than the means provided by the site to its users, and not to collect any information about other users without their consent.


5.2. The user may not assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer or in any way, any right from his rights or obligations under this agreement on his own initiative, except with the prior written consent of the company.


Linked sites
6.1. The site may contain links to other sites (including links to affiliate marketing sites) and / or third-party advertisements and / or sponsored advertising content. These sites and / or ads are not under the control of the site and it bears no responsibility for the content appearing on them or for relying on the same content.


Advertisement by third parties
7.1The company or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible for any advertising content or other commercial information published on the site and the exclusive responsibility in relation to any advertising content or commercial information applies to the advertising body only.


Consent to receive mailings from the site and other users

8.1. The registration to the site constitutes, among other things, consent to receive marketing material via e-mail at the frequency given to the site's discretion. Users can at any time request to stop receiving the marketing material by contacting the company, please stop the delivery of the marketing material.


Intellectual Property
9.1. All intellectual property rights in the content appearing on the site, including the logo, site name, site design, images, graphic files, applications, computer code, text and / or any other material, belong to the company or a third party who has allowed the company to use them.


9.2. You may not copy in whole or in part, publicly display, distribute, perform publicly, make available to the public, modify, process or create derivative works, sell or rent any of the above content, by any means and media, without the prior written consent of the rights holders. Any use of the above content and trademarks appearing on the site and / or the site logo is prohibited without clear and written permission from the company.


Limiting the liability of the site and / or anyone on its behalf
10.1 The website may publish various information and data about service providers in the field of home design, creation and craft. All information is provided as a service to the public and the company invests a great deal of effort in order to provide users of the site with reliable and accurate content. However, it should be noted that errors may occur in the process of processing and publishing the contents of the site. The site is not responsible for any information contained in the content and will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused as a result of using the content contained on the site. The company recommends that all users of the information check its contents independently; What is stated on the website does not constitute a substitute for consulting an expert and / or for an independent examination of the user.


10.2 In the event of an error as stated above, the user will not have the right to enjoy the error in any form. The site and / or the company are not responsible for any damage caused as a result of relying on this content and any reliance on it is the sole responsibility of the user. The site and / or the company will not be obligated to compensate the user for any damage or loss that has occurred to him as a result of using the site. The user waives any claim or claim against the site resulting from the use of the site's content or reliance on it.


11.1 The user of the website undertakes to indemnify the company, its employees, its managers or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss-of-profit or expense caused to them due to the violation of these terms of use by him, including legal expenses. The indemnification does not detract from any remedy to which the company or anyone on its behalf is entitled by law.


11.2 The user will compensate and indemnify the company, its managers, messengers / agents, licensees, colleagues, other partners, employees and representatives, for any claim, claim and / or demand and / or damage and / or loss, loss of profit, payment or expense, costs and liabilities , Including interest payments and payment of reasonable fees to lawyers and legal expenses, which will be caused to the company and / or those on its behalf by the user as a result of the user not complying with the provisions of this agreement and / or violating any legal provisions and / or any third party rights, and / Or as a result of the user's omissions, as expressed directly and / or indirectly.


11.3 The user hereby gives his consent that this obligation to indemnify will apply whether the company or anyone on its behalf is an official party to a lawsuit or not.


11.4 Without prejudice to the generality of the above, the user will pay the amounts of damage arising from his liability, as stated above, as soon as required to do so in writing by the company. The aforesaid demand for payment of the company will serve as conclusive evidence that there is no aftermath and nothing about the need for indemnification of the company for the damage caused to it in that matter.


11.5 The user will be prevented from raising any claim and / or demand towards the company and / or anyone on its behalf, in relation to the limits of the user's liability for such damage.


11.6 The company will act as much as possible to update the user about the changes in the terms of use, by publishing a notice on the website, which will include the wording of the amended terms, or will refer to them.


11.7 It is the sole responsibility of the users of the site to check from time to time whether there have been any changes in it, and whether these changes are relevant to them.


11.8 The user will not have any claim, claim and / or demand towards the company and / or anyone on its behalf, in respect of making such changes and / or malfunctions that will occur (if they occur) in the course of their implementation.


Privacy Statement
The privacy statement applies to the "Tullik PaperArt" website at: https://www.tullikpaperart.com/ and to the "Tullik PaperArt Shop" website at https://www.tullikpaperart.com/shop

The purpose of collecting the emails is used solely for the purpose of sending an email to the blog and store subscribers, about publishing a new post, benefit or service. Emails will not be sent to anyone who does not choose to join the mailing list.

A WIX system may collect data such as an IP address, an email address and a Gravater account, while writing a comment on a blog. The data collected in this framework are used for the purpose of writing the response by the surfer and filtering spam. The data will not be collected and will not be used for any other reason for any reason.

While browsing the site and blog you may come across embedded content from an external site (such as YouTube videos). Clicking and using the above content is the same as browsing the site in question, in that you are subject to the privacy statement defined by the external site.

Meytal Ofer is the sole owner of the information collected on the site. This information will not be traded, sold, exchanged, transmitted or given to any third party for any reason.

If at any point you prefer to remove yourself from the mailing list, in order not to receive emails in the future, you can click on the link at the bottom of each email ("newsletter") for easy removal from the list.


By using our website, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of use listed above.


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Return Policy

If work has been done specifically for the buyer, there is no return option and no refund option.
If a ready-made piece / work is purchased, it is possible to return within 5 business days and get the money back (in reducing the shipping fee for the package sent to the buyer). 
The work must be sent by registered mail (at the customer's expense) in the original packaging and provided that no damage was caused to the work.
The registered mail should be sent to: Meytal Ofer, Ahavat Adam 87, Kfar Yona, Zip code: 4034326, ISRAEL