Shalom and Welcome!

Tullik PaperArt is a small boutique workshop specializing in handmade paper cuts.


The workshop has several departments:

Wedding Ketubahs- Here you will find Ketubahs in calligraphy and manual paper cutting and you can order a special Ketubah for you.

Paper cutting works of art - here you can also find works form the exsisting collection and you can order something made especially according to your wishes.

Prints - Works in manual mesh printing.

My name is Meytal Ofer and I am a paper cuts artist for about 20 years. I have a bachelor's degree in art history from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I studied visual communication and illustration at Ascola College in Tel Aviv, and I studied in the artists' incubator of "the Train Theater" in Jerusalem.

I love people and art and think that the strong connection between the two can create change in the world.

I have exhibited works of art at several exhibitions in Israel and abroad and in recent years I have focused on ketubahs for weddings, paper cuts, developing wooden blocks for children and prints.

I'm very glad you're visiting my site and hope you will find what you were looking for here. You are welcome to contact me.


Meytal Ofer