Handmade ketubah - a frame of Black and White

Handmade ketubah - a frame of Black and White

SKU: 50001

This special ketubah is made by hand - from a frame decorated with delicate paper cuts to a calligraphy of the text the couple chooses.


It is a ketubah with motifs symbolizing abundance and good luck like vine, pomegranates, lamp. The Ketubah is based on an in-depth study of ancient inscriptions out of a desire to connect to an age-old tradition.


This is a ketubah that is a work of art that you can hang at home and observe, even when there are bumps in the marital path. It is a work of art that frames the contract you make between you.


  • The ketubah is made of two layers: the bottom layer is a frame of fine paper cuts and the top layer is a calligraphy of the text chosen by the couple (there is an option to send text that the couple themselves write or ready-made text).

    Ketubah size: 30X40 cm

    The paper from which the ketubah is made is a quality paper without acid, which will be durable and will not change color over the years.

    How to order the ketubah:

    After paying for the ketubah, you will have to send me the text you want me to write.

    Since this is a manual calligraphy, changes will not be allowed after the writing is finished, so you must send the most accurate text for you.

    The duration of work on each ketubah is up to five business days (depending on the workload in the studio). The ketubah is well packed and sent to you by courier to your home, and the price also includes the delivery. Another 3-4 business days for the Ketubah delivery should be considered. In total it should take between two and two and a half weeks until you can get the ketubah to you.

    Of course I am available for any question regarding Ketubah.

    I would be very happy to talk to you and get to know you better.

  • Since this ketubah is made especially for you, there are no cancellations and returns possible.

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